Vaping 101


Rechargeable batteries provide power for your vaporizer. There are internal (built in) and external (removable) batteries. Most batteries may have adjustable output either in Wattage or Voltage mode).

Tanks contain liquid and an atomizer. This is the component that has the mouth piece you will inhale on.

Atomizers are the heating elements that physically vaporize the E-liquid when the battery button is pressed.

E-liquid is the consumable used to produce vapor. E-Liquid can have varying flavors and nicotine strengths to suit personal preference. Finding the suitable nicotine strength is important.


VAPE - refers to your device, also known as Electronic Cigarette, E-Cig, Vaporizer or Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS)"

VAPOR - refers to the cloud produced by vaping"

VAPING - refers to the act of using a vape"

PRIMING - refers to saturating a new coil in E-Liquid to prevent dry hits"

ATOMIZER/COIL - refers to the disposable heating element in the tank, this is the piece that actually vaporizes your E-Liquid"

DRY HIT/COTTON HIT - refers to a hit from an atomizer with insufficient E-liquid. Often tastes like cotton and can be harsh"

FIRE/FIRING - refers to the process of pressing the button on your battery to produce vapor"

MOD - refers to stronger and more adjustable batteries"

WATTAGE - overall power delivered by your battery (most popular method for adjustment). When in this mode, voltage will automatically be adjusted"

VOLTAGE - the speed at which your coil heats up"