Curbside To-Go

These recent times have been challenging and difficult, but we are happy to help make our products more available to you as safely and conveniently as possible.

In order to make your process as smooth and safe as possible, please read the following instructions on Infinite Vapor’s curbside process:
1. Call Ahead
  • Call ahead to your local Infinite Vapor to place your order over-the-phone
  • Payments can be accepted over-the-phone; however, name on payment method and ID of purchaser must match. Verification is required upon pickup.
2. Pick-Up
  • Please call us to let us know that you have arrived. Do not enter the store.
  • An associate will approach you with a basket to place your ID and credit/debit card in
  • Our associate will verify the purchaser age, name on payment method, and process your transaction
  • Associate will return your ID, credit/debit card, ordered products, and receipt for signature
3. Pay
  • Be sure to sign and return printed receipt for purchase
  • If you’d like to use your customer Rewards points for any discounts, please let our associate know when you call ahead.
If there is anything we can do to help improve your experience please let us know. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support during these difficult times. If you are not able to come see us yet, please visit us online at

We hope you stay safe and healthy,
The Infinite Vapor Family